For Spas and Clinics

For therapeutic staff in spas, rehab centers, and massage clinics, Lu offers custom-build classes  based on the facility’s respective needs.

Lu enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise (please see bio on with  other manual therapy practitioners. She excels in hands-on instruction with clear feedback of  how a technique is supposed to feel for both practitioner and patient.  Students leave her classes empowered to work with the new skills immediately.

Possible classes:
— Myofascial mobilizations in 15-min units
— Myofascial massage
— deep tissue work made easy, effective, and sustainable
— myofascial techniques in spa settings
— manual therapy for chronic pain and acute injuries

Additionally, Lu likes to teach Ethics, Law, Prevention of Medical Errors in a group discussion  setting that directly applies to the respective facility and the work environment there, using real  life examples. This way, the mandatory credits are used effectively to ensure a safe environment  with clear boundaries while maintaining excellence in customer service.

Flat rate for a 6 CEU hour day is $1250, which includes the necessary preparation to adapt  course content for the respective facility.   Travel costs will be waived for classes in Florida and for classes with two days or more.   There is no limit on the amount of students but if there are more than 20, it makes sense to have  an assistant to help with the hands-on work.

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