At Balance Education, we believe there are many ways to learn and that no one person has all the answers. We strive to share the best of what we know, and we love to connect our students to other great resources.

Video Resources

Lu Mueller-Kaul presents MyoMobs at the Daytona FSMTA meeting!

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Here are twelve videos Lu produced for her students. These videos show Lu demonstrating myofascial mobilization techniques of the type she teaches in her "Myo-Mob" classes.
Balance Education's YouTube Channel: This channel will be the place to go for lively conversations about the massage therapy industry by industry leaders. The first video, a discussion of pricing and marketing, is available now. Subscribe now to get access to this and future videos!

Home Study Courses

Many of Lu's home study video courses are available now through her HomeCEUConnections page.
MyTable Mesa: Lu has developed many online classes which will be published and available through My Table Mesa in the coming months. For now, take her 3-hour Ethics class at home!

Learn More

For information about Rolfing® Structural Integration, becoming a Rolfer™, finding a Rolfer and more, visit the Rolf Institute.


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